Joseph’s Vision for Kansas City: 
  • Reduce crime by encouraging residents and neighborhoods to work with police to decrease crime and increase safety in KC
  • Improve city services so that residents don’t have to live with potholes and trash lined streets
  • Revitalize neighborhoods by turning vacant homes into affordable housing
  • Increase economic development and job training opportunities so that residents can make a livable wage
What makes Joseph different from the other candidates?
Joseph passed two ordinances, 12-0 through the city council one for the
stoplights when the city turned off lights across the city (2011) and the truancy ordinance in (2012) because students cannot learn if they are not in school.As a neighborhood leader, he worked with legal aid in 2015 to get a 2.8 million settlement from First Federal Bank for redlining and excluding minority neighborhoods from its lending service area.

Joseph worked with the director of the Health Department Dr. Rex Archer and Health Department on the Community Health Improvement Plan or (CHIP), because unfortunately where you live in Kansas City, impacts how long you live.  There is a 14 year difference in life expectancy from neighborhoods north of the river compared to those south of the river.